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Peace be with you

Feb 16


Why You’re Wrong About the Oscars: Best Original Song

Welcome to “Why You’re Wrong About the Oscars,” a series of rhetorical exercises illustrating the finer points of internet-style debate — live! Each episode of WYWAO features a pair of movie enthusiasts with opposing views about who will win a particular Academy Award. The catch: Each cannot explain why he or she is right. Instead, he or she can only enumerate the many reasons why the other person is wrong. So very, very wrong.

Today’s episode concerns the music of the cinematical spheres. Asie Mohtarez believes “Pi’s Lullaby” from Life of Pi should get the nod, while Abbas Rattani favors “Skyfall” from Skyfall by Sky Fall, er, Adele. Fight!

Shot on location at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I couldn’t help think of ghetto house music when Abbas Rattani was talking about space music. It sure is how he describes the song he wanted to hear instead to be; future sounding. Anyway, everyone please listen to… GHETTO HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    I couldn’t help think...was talking about space music. It sure is how he describes
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    Me and Abbas Rattani arguing, nondescript ethnic people-style.
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